Pro Selenium 2 w/ Java

Master Automated Browser Testing in Java with Selenium
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Pro Selenium 2 w/ Java Syllabus

Part I

  • Web Testing Philosophy

  • Acceptance Testing: Crafting Readable & Valuable Tests

  • TDD & BDD and how it matters to Q&A

  • Extracting Tests from User Stories/Use Cases

  • Understanding Selenium’s Architecture

  • WebDriver Setup with Eclipse, Maven, JUnit 4 & ChromeDriver

    • Optional: Replace JUnit 4 with TestNG or Spock

    • Optional: Replace Eclipse w/ IntelliJ’s Idea

  • Deep-dive into WebDriver: Guided Workshop

  • Efficient DOM element selection with CSS

  • Page Object Pattern

  • Page Fragment Pattern

  • Taking Screenshots & Video of your tests

  • Overview of the testers' toolset

Part II

  • Testing AJAX applications

    • Explicit and Implicit waiting

    • Waiting for a DOM element

    • Waiting for a DOM event

  • Testing a JavaScript Single Page Application

  • Drag and Drop

  • The need for executing JavaScript directly

    • Triggering events in the browser

    • Returning results to your tests

  • Selenium and JQuery: Tips and Tricks

  • Dealing with Modals, Browser Dialogs and iFrames

  • Multi-Browser Testing: Creating a Test-Matrix

  • Distributing your tests with Selenium Grid

  • Selenium Grid on EC2

  • Build Integration and CI setup (w/ Jenkins)

  • BDD Selenium Tests with Cucumber

  • Why you shouldn’t use the Selenium IDE

Course Prerequisites
  • Intermediate Java and Unit Testing knowledge

  • Intermediate understanding of Web Development and Web Applications

Onsite Training

Duration: 2 Days

Tagged under: testing selenium groovy java

Capacity: Groups of five or more. Customizable.

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