Effective Ajax for Rails

Learn how and when to use Rails' builtin JavaScript utilities
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Effective Ajax for Rails Syllabus

Mastering Rails Views

  • Rails and HTML5

  • Rendering templates explicitly and implicitly

  • ERb

  • Extracting and rendering partials

  • View helper modules

  • Forms

  • Form builders

  • ActiveModel API

  • Virtual attributes

  • Nested model forms

  • Alternate Templating Choices

  • Liquid / HAML

  • Logic less templates with Mustache / Handlebars

  • Pattern: Presenter Pattern

  • Pattern: Strategies to organize your views and partials

  • Pattern: Form Objects

Dissecting the Asset Pipeline

  • Sprokets & The Asset Pipeline reason d’etre

  • Manifest files

  • Development vs. production behavior

  • CoffeeScript/SASS as Rails First-Class Citizens

Rails and JavaScript: Together forever

  • jQuery

  • jquery_ujs and HTML5 data-* attributes

  • data-confirm

  • data-method

  • data-remote

  • data-disable-with

  • CSRF Protection

  • TurboLinks

Advanced AJAX

  • Pattern: Passing Data in data-*

  • Pattern: Responding with JavaScript templates

  • Pattern: Pure JSON responses

  • Asynchronously Pushing Data from the Server w/ Faye

Managing Client-Side Complexity

  • Towards Single Page Applications (SPAs)

  • MVC on the Client

  • Backbone.js

  • Ember.js

Course Prerequisites
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Onsite Training

Duration: 3 Days

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Capacity: Groups of five or more. Customizable.

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