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jQuery Syllabus

Part 1 - Re-learning JavaScript (a focused refresher):

  • Functional, Prototype-based and Object-oriented Programming in JS

  • Foundations: Grammar, Syntax and Building Blocks

  • Functions in depth

  • Objects: Global Objects / Global Scope

  • Mastering Arrays

  • Methods

  • Prototypes and the Prototype Chain

  • Scope: Object visibility and Lifespan

  • Closures: Functional Programming with JS

  • Currying

  • Structuring your code: Module/Prototype Pattern

  • Unit Testing and Test-Driven Development with Jasmine

  • Simplifying Javascript with CoffeeScript

Part 2 - Beginning jQuery

  • An introduction to the DOM

  • Introducing jQuery: DOM manipulation simplified

  • Selecting, Manipulating and Adding Elements

  • Basic Animation

  • Attaching Events, Callbacks

  • Unobtrusive JavaScript

  • Simple Form Validation

  • Using jQuery plugins: Validation Plugin

  • Encapsulating Behaviors: Creating your own plugins

Part 3 - Advanced jQuery and jQueryUI Unobtrusive JS (UJS) in depth: refactoring techniques

  • Live jQuery queries: Dealing with Page Changes Dynamically

  • jQuery and AJAX: Asynchronous Communications with the Server

    • $.load() and $.ajax()

  • jQueryUI: Guided Tour

  • Drag and Drop

    • Draggable, Droppable, Resizable, Selectable and Sortable

Part 4 - Advanced jQuery and jQueryUI

  • Themes and Theming

  • Avoiding conflicts with other libraries or versions of jQuery

  • Custom Events in jQuery

  • Jasmine jQuery Plugin

  • Client-side templating: Mustache Templates

  • MVC on the front end: Spine MVC

Course Prerequisites

This is a programming-heavy course aimed at Web Developers/Programmers with intermediate JavaScript knowledge and some server-side programming experience looking to refine their understanding of Javascript and become productive with JQuery

Onsite Training

Duration: 4 Days

Tagged under: jquery javascript

Capacity: Groups of five or more. Customizable.

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